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About Us

Empire Care & Guardianship is an agency that provides personal and financial services to a wide variety of people. We act as guardian, trustee, or attorney-in-fact. We also are engaged by banks, attorneys and family members to provide advice or assistance with financial and care issues.

We specialize in assisting individuals with:

bulletPhysical handicaps
bulletMental illnesses
bulletEmotional disabilities
bulletConditions related to the aging process
bulletCourt-ordered settlement trust

Empire Care & Guardianship strive, within the authority given to us, to implement financial arrangements in ways that maximize the use of public benefits and insurance. 

Our clients and their families sometimes need assistance with planning for personal supervision for the disabled personís future and well-being or to resolve conflicts within the family.


Home About Us Our Mission Our Team

      P.O. Box 2145    Spokane, WA 99210     Phone: 509-838-1933     Fax: 509-458-6087